AGE OF THE GUERRILLA (A Background Book) by Francois Sully
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AGE OF THE GUERRILLA (A Background Book)

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This belongs to the new breed of juveniles, books that are original, substantive contributions to thinking on a significant topic. The guerrilla, here and in fact, is not simply a communist subversive; he may be fighting for political or ethnic self-determination, or for social or economic reform, and he may or may not be influenced by Marxist ideology; in any case he is presently the norm in many parts of the world. The factors that motivate him, and these that determine his success, are exposed via histories of insurrection in Greece; in Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Aden and Cyprus in the Arab world; in Cuba and, by extension, in Bolivia; in the southeast Asian countries of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaya; Borneo; in Indochina, including Laos and Cambodia; lastly in Vietnam. Some features: a running account of Jewish guerrilla operations in Palestine, of Arab operations against Israel; scrutiny of Castro's tactics, of the Bay of Pigs fresco, of Guevara's failure in Bolivia; display of Chinese Communist strategy for conquest; the anatomy of a recent guerrilla outbreak in Cambodia, a contretemps of musical chairs and magical bulls. Mr. Sully, Far East correspondent for Newsweek since 1961 and a veteran of many undeclared wars, gets to the point and sticks to the point. Supplemented by choice documents and a summary tabulation of causes and conflicts, this is vital reading for students of world disorder.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1968
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press