SON OF TALLEYRAND by Francoise de Bernardy


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Charles de Flauhout, natural son of Talleyrand, was among the illustrious soldiers and diplomats of French history, and enshrined himself as well in women's hearts. He served gallantly under Napoleon and by infinite charm and considerable shrewdness became ambassador to Vienna and London, intimate of Metternich, and a patriarch among the survivors of Napoleon's rule. Hortense, sister-in-law of Bonaparte and Queen of Holland, was a dominant passion of Flauhout's boudoir campaigns, and bore him a child later to achieve fame as Duc de Morny. Anna Potocka, a niece of the late king of Poland; Mile. Mars, the bewitching actress; and finally Flauhout's wife, a sober, devoted Scots- woman complete the main figures in his romantic gallery. The biography rides the tide of history, awash with the great of the day, can fall back on battle and court intrigue when Flauhout's passions begin to flag. Enjoyable in its genre.

Publisher: Putnam