PEPE, The Bad One by Frank and Agnes Johnston Dazey

PEPE, The Bad One

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The scene is contemporary Mexico but the scenario is strictly Hollywood 1935. Pepe, the bad one, steals to save his widowed mother from starvation. He is befriended by a rich American, Mr. Prentice, who gives him a job taking care of his dog. Pepe tames the unfriendly creature. He also transforms weak, whining Dick Prentice into a regular feller after a few romps with the dog. But, alas, Mrs. Prentice and daughter remain snooty; he cannot coax a smile from them. Enter Lois' new suitor, Jarvis Bolton, a dyed-haired adventurer scornful of Mexicans. Pepe prevents Lois from eloping with him; Jarvis is unmasked; Lois is eternally grateful. And Mr. Prentice takes Pepe back to the States ""to enter a good prep school with Dick."" Definitely Grade B.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1966
Publisher: Westminster