STARBABY by Frank Asch


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The domestication of a moonchild--and is it icky. It's also utterly unimaginative and peculiarly pointless. A little-boy infant (genitalia) plays in the moon-dust, visits the other starbabies (they ""play lots of starbaby games""), nibbles on a star when he's hungry, and crawls into a moon crater to sleep. Then one day, riding on a shooting star, he comes too close to earth and falls into the ocean. Some sport with the fishes ensues before he's caught in a fisherman's net, happily adopted by the fisherman and his wife (""Just what we've always wanted""), taken to the zoo and the park and on picnics, and finally tucked into bed. Now, we're told, ""he had lots of good things to eat, toys, and [a] nice warm bed""--none of which, however, he lacked in the sky or underwater. So why the whole rigmarole? (Rendered, by the way, in wispy pastels.)

Pub Date: April 28th, 1980
Publisher: Scribners