THE LAST PUPPY by Frank Asch


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When you see a puppy weeping a big tear on the cover, watch out! This doleful pup was, in his own words, ""the last of Momma's nine puppies. . . the last to open my eyes. . . and the last one into the doghouse at night."" So when the puppy's owner puts them up for sale, you know he'll be anxious not to be the last bought. What happens, though, doesn't make much sense even on the book's modest terms--for this formerly laggard, least-aggressive pup deters prospective purchasers by making a nuisance of himself. Then, when the other pups are gone, somebody does carry him off--and it's a little boy who tells him, ""You're my first puppy."" A one-dimensional, one-note story resolved by some facile juggling of words.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1980
Publisher: Prentice-Hall