MONKEY FACE by Frank Asch


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This is one of those animal stories in which the hero and his mother, monkeys here, are human stand-ins with houses, clothes, etc., while his friends Owl, Lion, etc., are pictured as regular animals. What happens is that ""one day at school, Monkey painted a picture of his mother""--any kindergartner's smiley circle of a face--but when he shows it to his friends on the way home Rabbit advises him to make longer ears, Alligator suggests a bigger mouth, Elephant wants more nose, etc., and as Monkey makes the requested corrections the likeness becomes that of a composite freak. Only his mother loves the picture ""just the way it is""--and there it hangs on the refrigerator ""for everyone to see."" Asch too has assembled a composite of this and that picture book motif, ending up with a more converntional product than his usual--but it fits together workably.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1977
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press