THESE WERE OUR YEARS by Frank Brookhouser


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Hail the twenties and thirties! These are the times the author-editor describes as ""the best years of our life in the United States"". On reading the dozens of restless, curious, often troubled stories, poems, and news columns here anthologized one wonders if only those growing up in the times could think so highly of them. But fascinating is this word-mosaic...William Allen White eulogizes his dead daughter, later blasts the KKK. The automobile provides counterpoint. DosPassos attacks Ford; Carl Jonas is nostalgic about a car ride; and Frederick Lewis Allen soberly views a motorized society. A recipe for bathtub gin floats by. So does Sherwood Anderson. Wall Street goes and a suave voice addresses a shaky nation with ""My Friends"". Fitzgerald looks back, Paul Sann looks at Fitzgerald. Then while the WPA, CCC, NRA and others pitch in, War looms up again. Well chosen and representative pieces, excellently grouped and edited. A sure seller.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1959
Publisher: Doubleday