HUNTING WHITETAILS by Frank C. Edminster


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Notes for nimrods, this sets its sights on deer hunting and describes the joys, the problems and the how-to and how-NOT-to of the sport. Aimed specifically at the novice and his first trip, this nevertheless will probably have much to offer for anyone who has already taken rifle, shotgun or bow and arrow when it was legal and hoped for a successful kill, for covers and conditions, still hunt and drive, watching and stalking, weapons all come in for their share of practical discussion. The dressing and butchering of the dead animal, preparation of trophies, recipes for cooking the meat, clothing and camping equipment and the rules of sportsmanship, good behavior and good manners are part of the story too and should help to make a deer hunting trip a pleasant -- and safe -- experience. A good bag for the boys with a gun -- and a permit.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1954
Publisher: Morrow