WRANGLER ON THE PROD by Frank C. Robertson


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Feuds and double handed deals flame up like prairie fires when the Big Three of Soda Springs try rustling, intrigue and murder to get rid of tough Britt Bright of Snake and Van Gregory, his enemy, in an attempt to corner the sheep trade that is on its way to the town. Driven by a killing incident in which his brother was innocently involved, Van seeks help of the unscrupulous Three to save him from hanging and finds himself paying the price of working for the basses. There is a gal problem with the hero, too, and it is not easy for Van to decide between a sweet, gentle widow and the wild-riding, brandy drinking daughter of one of the bosses. More complications than you can shake a lariat at, but all the ends are twisted up in a satisfactory and ingenious manner. A good, fast paced, galloping, shooting Western.

Publisher: Dutton