DEVIL DOG by Frank Conibear


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Calling the wild for the story of Punch, a husky, whose reputation as bad luck for his owners starts early. Too young and inexperienced to keep the trail, Punch turned on the driver whose merciless treatment brought him hatred of humans and his long series of owners failed to win his allegiance. Indian lore helped to blacken his name when it was believed that the spirit of a wolf entered him and when Punch escaped and mated with Silver Gray he was known as a renegade. But a trap returned him to man -- to his position as boss dog and fame as a hunter of musk ox, as a super-dog, and monster. Refusing to be subjugated, it took Rory, who had a boss complex too, to win Punch's loyalty -- and Silver Gray and her puppies. A northland tale which while familiar has an authentic tone.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1954
Publisher: Morrow -- Sloane