THE ENTITY by Frank De Felitta


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De Felitta (Audrey Rose) writes the kind of supernatural thriller that gives eternal life a bad name. The catchphrase here is ""spectral rapist"" and describes a dream rapist from the beyond who is built to deliver exotic earthquakes. The ""entity"" is a moist cold stinking cloud that nightly assumes a Chinese shape and the language of a dockhand as it/he plunges his quivering manhood into Carlotta Moran. She's an LA. widow who has supported her three kids as a nightclub cigarette girl in a see-through blouse, has the morals of ""a nun,"" and is now on welfare. Suddenly her home is invaded by this sex-mad poltergeist who loves to break things (doors, walls, ceilings, lamps, anything photogenic) before he flattens her out and rapes her. As weeks go by she gives in and begins enjoying these psychosexual degradings. Her handsome young shrink thinks this is all in her mind and puts up a righteous battle when two student psychic researchers move into her house with all their scientific junk. They just reinforce the hallucination, cries the doctor. But the psychics have a financial grant and get their way and build a simulated environment by duplicating her house in a lab: they hope to lure the entity into a special room and then freeze it with liquid helium. . . . Overblown spectral droppings, Neanderthal dialogue--a natural for serialization in National Enquirer.

Pub Date: July 31st, 1978
Publisher: Putnam