MR. MONROE'S MESSAGE by Frank Donovan


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Neither a law nor a decree, the Doctrine was part of a presidential message to Congress and it has taken on new meaning and importance since Kennedy's warning to Russia in October of 1962. As paraphrased by Carl Sandburg, the Doctrine is simply that ""Europe must keep their hands off this half of the earth"" and it has been employed and re-envigorated in various crises-- the Mexico of Maximilian, Alaska during the Tsars, Panama and the Canal Zone and the Cuba problem (which dates far back in time). The author makes abundantly clear the use of the Doctrine at special times as an olive branch or a big stick in U.S./Latin American affairs and he speculates about such uses in the shrunken world of the 20th Century. It is a very readable account of a complicated diplomatic principle and a worthy companion to the older, revised, Perkins A History of the Monroe Doctrine.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead