THE EARLY EAGLES by Frank Donovan


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From October 15, when Pilatre de Rozier ""rose into the air below a mont (hot-air ballon) held captive by a long rope--the first proven ascent of a human being into space"", to Lindbergh's and ""Wrong Way"" Corrigan's solos across the Atlantic, this is a detailed account of the aeronautic pioneers, ""the men who flew by the seat of their pants"", and the men who foresaw, designed, and built the contraptions which enabled them to make all the ""firsts"" below the stratosphere. There is a good section, quite comprehensive, on the filers of the World War I, and others on the lesser-known serial explorers and record-seekers. There are many colorful and amusing quotes from first-hand accounts, such as this terse report by Dean Smith, an early mail pilot: ""Dead-sticked--flying low--only place available--on cow--killed cow--wrecked plane--scared me--Smith."" The text itself is professional and thoroughly readable, if seldom as inspired or exciting as the men and actions it describes.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1962
Publisher: Dodd, Mcad