CHRISTIANITY IN MODERN ART by Frank & Dorothy Getlein


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In a welcome sequel to their popular Christianity In Art Frank and Dorothy Getlein again collaborate in writing Christianity In Modern Art. Former art editor of the Milwaukee Journal and present art editor of the New Republic, Frank Getlein is well qualified. The resulting book is cause for rejoicing, and can be recommended to neophytes and art experts alike for sheer reading pleasure. The Getleins take an objective look at the so-called Christian art to be seen in most Catholic Churches, schools and homes today and find it bland, banal and utterly unrelated to the realities of Christianity. They charge that almost any worth while modern art in Christianity has been produced for the most part without the patronage of the Church. In fact it has developed solely from the awareness of the artist of the situation of modern man in today's world. The influence and contributions of these modern artists in the entire field of artistic expression -- painting, sculpture, prints, craftswork and architecture is discussed and evaluated. Chapters on the significance of such ""giants"" in the field as Nolde, Dali, Roualt, Corbusier, Jacob Epstein, as well as lesser-known but vital figures, are especially noteworthy. The authors are not completely pessimistic about the future of modern art in religion, but feel that the twentieth century may see art and religion once more resume their ancient relationship of mutual aid.

Pub Date: Nov. 27th, 1961
ISBN: 0548451966
Publisher: Bruce