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Both authors took a completely different approach to the problem of UFO activity ...they reached the same conclusions. To Frank Edwards, a long time investigator of ""Saucers,"" the Incident at Exeter was just that, one among the many included also in his book but to Mr. Fuller, columnist for the Saturday Review, it was to be a revelation. The ""Incident"" occurred on September 3, 1965; young Norman Muscarello stumbled white-faced into a police station in Exeter, New Hampshire begging the officers to accompany him to the spot where he had seen a massive UFO. Patrolman Eugene Bertrand followed him to the area where the object approached within feet forcing them to a hasty retreat. Simultaneously other reports of the object came in. Mr. Fuller, intrigued but highly skeptical, decided to investigate with the notion of doing a column. He arrived a short time later to find himself in a hotbed of further UFO activity (not noted in Mr. Edwards' book). Careful interviews brought over sixty ""credible witnesses"" (in which Mr. Edwards could now number himself for he too had seen a UFO) and the conviction that ""the most logical but still unprovable explanation is that the Unidentified Flying Objects are interplanetary spaceships under intelligent control."" His ""documentary"" raises the same points that Mr. Fuller's book expands upon: the Air Force's ""UFO curtain"" of censorship is untenable; there is a probable connection between UFOs and incidents of massive power failure. It actually acts as a prelude to Mr. Fuller's world-wide survey that offers such evidence as Norway's official statement released after the discovery of a crashed UFO: in 1955: ""It has--this we wish to state emphatically--not been built by any country on earth."" Fuller is even more contemptuous of Air Force policy-- ""You haven't seen one? Don't worry! The Air Force hasn't seen one either."" But the Army has, right from a vantage point in Washington, D.C. in January 1965 when 12 Army specialists watched a dozen UFO's outmaneuver two delta-wing jets some 12,000 to 15,000 feet above the capitol. And radar experts have been busy watching one UFO track our Polaris missile, four UFO's follow our 1st Gemini flight, while astronauts Frank Brown and James Lovell discovered company during their second orbit. Of all the eye-opening information included here, perhaps the most fascinating is that included in Edwards' ""Who's Driving""...startlingly similar reports gathered from all over the world of glimpses of the creatures operating the ""Unknowns"". As compatible as Gemini Twins, these books may propel each other up the bestseller lists.

Publisher: Lyle Stuart