NO GREATER LOVE by Frank G. Slaughter


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Another Slaughter round of hospital heroics, featuring up-to-date crises and a dazzling duo of docs: Dr. Ted Bronson, ""the epitome of a successful young surgeon"" in the ""glamorous"" trade of organ transplants; and his fiancÉe, Dr. Elizabeth MacGowan, lovely OB-GYN practitioner. The happy pair are settling in at one of Florida's teaching hospitals, Biscayne General, and before the scalpels slice and IV's bloop, they have a pleasant evening with Ted's old pal, crusading lawyer Michael Coazon--whose family includes sweet and gentle brother Arturo, an adult victim of Down's Syndrome. But the very next day Michael, about to do a number on bigwigs in the local Mafia drug traffic, is shot by a team led by mobster Sam Gianno. Fairly soon, then, it becomes obvious to Ted that Michael will need a new liver if he's to live: a search for donors proceeds, with Michael on hold. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is working through an exotic dilemma having to do with a most important fetus: the dying Emir of Telfa, who has no male heir, does have a pregnant wife, Princess Zorah; but, en route to Biscayne (to determine the unborn infant's gender), the Princess' plane crashes, the Princess is declared brain-dead. . . and so Dr. Elizabeth keeps her body functioning, allowing the fetus to develop sufficiently to survive a Caesarean delivery. Furthermore, Telfa's in a rocky political state--so there are UN and State Dept. pressures on Elizabeth to hurry things along. And there'll be two more attempted assassinations (of Michael, Ted, and Elizabeth), plus a sneaky pulling of the Princess' plug, before the meller-drama finale--which includes Ted's radio-plea for that liver. For Slaughter fans only: medicine and mush.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1984
Publisher: Doubleday