EPIDEMIC! by Frank G. Slaughter


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That double threat, rates and lice (or rather fleas) make history- this time in New York City, as ship's captain Mike Dollard, after a port of call in the Cameroons, dies on arrival in his girl's apartment, and a dock strike gives the disease-bearing rats shore leave. Dr. Eric Stowe, immunologist and public health officer of the World Health Organization, temporarily stationed at a Manhattan city hospital, makes an early identification of the plague, but not before the young doctor who has performed the autopsy is a victim. An all out alert is sounded: finally the city is quarantined; the caseload climbs, and organized violence, arson and sabotage make an even greater disaster area of the city, before the epidemic can be controlled.... A strong but strident situation toboggans from emergency to catastrophe and leaves little time for romance (Drs. Eric Stowe and Trent, and the nurse they both love) but the subject and the author are within a sure sphere of contagion.

Publisher: Doubleday