DAVID: WARRIOR AND KING by Frank G. Slaughter


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In the last fourteen years, Frank Slaughter has chosen biblical themes for seven or eight of his novels. The majority of these have been from the New Testament. Now he turns back to the magnificent saga of David, from which someone-not, we feel, Frank Slaughter, nor even Gladys Schmitt-will make a magnificent novel. Hollywood, too, has had its try. Unfortunately, this novel provides a Biblical panorama, a parade of fancy dress, inspirational dramatics, pictorial splendor, psalmsinging, harp-lulled romance, clashing battles and its mead of spiritual uplift. There's David annointed by Samuel, David slaying Goliath, soothing the madness of Saul, pledging blood brotherhood with Jonathan, marrying Michal; there's the outlawed David defeating his adversaries, becoming King, lusting after Bathsheba; there's the old David, surrounded by palace intrigues, Amnon raping Tamar, Absalom's vengeance, Solomon's succession -- and a 40 year reign ended. The colorful, fast paced devotional is here, but no true psychological perceptions or real theological thunder. But undoubtedly his ""more than million readers"" will find this right down their alley.

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