DOCTORS' WIVES by Frank G. Slaughter


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Doctors do not ""meet the emotional needs of their wives""; in fact it's a ""syndrome"" serialized here through some seven couples whose peckish discontent is betrayed by migraines, spastic colitis, sterility, too much liquor or golf. Actually this is one of the best, at any rate fullest, of Dr. Slaughter's continuities: along with a heart-stopping heart arrest (one husband) and a new out of Newsweek brain operation (one child) there are all kinds of other A.M.A. tory procedures--beginning when the bullet which goes through the heart of one medic kills the wife of another who had been servicing all of them, while the doctor's wife is in bed with a medical stud(ent). On, and off, it goes and some of your readers will find that it is more of an anatomy lesson than Slaughter has ever delivered before but then he's just keeping up with the times. As for the wives in question, only one of them is really happy. She watches soap operas. She might even read--something like this.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday