OUGHEN UP by Frank Giles


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... and make haste, for time's a-wastin', Mr. Giles seems to say in this guide to countless exercises. Although the emphasis is supposedly not on muscle-building, but on generally becoming fit, there is a definite Charles Atlas- echo in Mr. Giles' methods and advice. He has presented an almost endless number of exercises to shape up the back, the legs, the arms, the midriff, etc., but he has not stated a definite enough plan for young boys to follow. Some of the body-builders are too complex: for example, the one in which the body-conscious youth is to lie back-down, on a piano bench; reach to the floor and lift a weight over his head, lower it to his stomach, up again and over his head and back to the floor. As a manual of varied exercises for young physical culturists, it is adequate; as a clearly defined guide it is too vague. Seen without illustrations. This book is in the mainstream of President Kennedy's resounding call to ""lace up your sneakers and shape up; you have nothing to lose but your flab"".

Pub Date: April 26th, 1963
Publisher: John Day