EVERYDAY WRITING by Frank H. McCloskey


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This might be entitled How to Write Better English and stand side by side with Norman Lewis' How to Speak Better English (Crowell- 1948). Once again a grammarian proves that ""grammar can be fun"". Dr. McCloskey's book is not an ABC for illiterates. He presumes more than a modicum of intellectual background, and demands a concentration of interest and attention. Granted these premises, the aspiring student can raise his standards by studying- and putting into practice- the principles here stated. The approach is made as painless as possible by the use of entertaining anecdotes to illustrate the points, whether it be rules of word meaning and usage, vocabulary building, punctuation, correct use of parts of speech, sentence structure. He given you the tools, he indicates not only correct but skilled ways of using them. He goes materially beyond the limits he set himself, but comes back again to such everyday applications as letters (personal and business); research, and preparing reports. And he has a chapter on the art of reading which should help all who recognize the need to learn how to assess their own reading powers and increase the speed and comprehension. Plus market for schools and colleges; a good office tool where ""everyday writing"" is important.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1951
Publisher: Simon & Schuster