JET by Frank Harvey


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Seven short stories have been pre-tested and proved popular in the S.E.P., deal with the vigilance and the steady courage of the men who fly- and the women who wait for them (or sometimes don't) on the ground. There's the pursuit of a Runaway Bomber, a missing B-52 carrying a hydrogen bomb; the volunteers of a suicide mission-and among them the bitter son of a wealthy industrialist who attempts a take-off to Russia; a young man who- after his last flight- realizes he's in a ""special league"" and no longer wants out; The Frightened Pilot who while still scared controls his panic to save five others stranded in the arctic; Hunter, whose wife has bailed out, returns from a dangerous flight to find her waiting for him, etc. etc... Cleancut, these deal with heroism in human terms-pay tribute where it is due. Men- and their boys- should like them.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1955
Publisher: Ballantine