WALLS, GATES AND AVENUES: The Story of the Town by Frank- Illus. Jupo
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WALLS, GATES AND AVENUES: The Story of the Town

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An excellent introduction to the ebb and flow of history, especially for the youngest readers in this age group. Using the rise of towns and cities as his ocal point, the author also presents the institution of armies, the role of religions, the growth of governments, the expansion of cultures through commerce and the development of engineering. The presentation is well integrated and one insight leads to another in this way: from man's first communal ventures came surpluses; these brought raiders, which called for walls in defense; successful defense brought full storehouses which called for well-housed gods to thank; the resultant temples brought beauty, culture and scholarship which was spread by rade; which brought a further concentration of people requiring government and engineering problems. The whole becomes an excellent conception which is brought up-to-date with particular attention to the Medieval period and a glimpse of the rient.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1964
Publisher: Prentice-Hall