READ ALL ABOUT IT by Frank Jupon
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Communications play an ever more increasingly important role in our lives. This concise terse report on the history of communication, going back to the early friezes of Greece and Rome, is an animated, chatty report which imparts information unpedantically and quite memorably with breezy sketches and a long range perspective. It contrasts how we get our news of today's happenings, with the ways in which we are still garnering fresh reports of the long-buried people in the beginnings of time. An original interpretation, this will focus the attention of young Americans on the many ways in which we keep abreast of our world today. News photography, television and radio and their role in news transmission are explained with very clear diagrams. A snappy and newsy digest of the communications media.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1957
Publisher: Prentice Hall