AN UNCOMMON MAN: Henry Wallace & 60 Million Jobs by Frank Kingdon

AN UNCOMMON MAN: Henry Wallace & 60 Million Jobs

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Accepting the fact that Kingdon is a wholehearted admirer of Wallace, one finds nonetheless an excellent ""dissection"" of the man, the job he has done, and the grounds for faith in his promise of 60 million jobs-provided industry, business and government combine in making them possible. Wallace the man -- a biographical sketch, an analysis of his achievements in science and business, his contributions through governmental agencies, the factors that indicate that he signifies not death to free enterprise but progress. A comparison of Beveridge and Wallace. A chapter devoted to criticism levelled at Wallace -- and the answers. A suggestion that Wallace has no aptitude for the Washington shenanigans and needs a political and diplomatic double...Good reading for his friends.

Publisher: The Reader's Press