FACE TO FACE by Frank Michael Cortina


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Four case histories of drug users in rehabilitative therapy -- Russell who is also Roxy, a 52 yearold black semi-schizoid, 34 years an addict and 25 institutionalized, a well-spoken man whom Methadone failed but Dr. Frank Michael Corrina did not; Mae, 18 and a user since 12 who seduced her stepfather and later turned to prostitution to support her habit, eventually overcomes her ""hate affair with herself"" and becomes a nun with the help of Dr. Frank Michael Cortina; Gerard, a youthful mugger and pusher with ingrained hatred on his face, begins to understand his strong mother/weak father conflict under the guidance of Dr. Frank Michael Cortina when an inflexible therapist intervenes and betrays him -- he is later killed in an attempted bank holdup; and Connie, a small Grace Kelly-type mensch who developed a taste for H in college, reveals her confused sexuality and resultant guilt to Dr. Frank Michael Cortina who leads her to salvation. Dr. Frank Michael (as his anonymous associates usually call him) is out to prove that junkies are not ""self-doomed"" people but can be salvaged through simply talking out their problems in a few monthly sessions with the aid of taped play-backs -- the face-to-face approach. In fact it's as simple as Young Dr. Malone -- and as soapy.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1972
Publisher: Columbia Univ. Press