SEEN ANY CATS by Frank Modell


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In a winning rerun of Modell's Tooley Tooley (1979), Marvin and Milton search for cats this time instead of a lost dog--the idea being that putting on their own trained animal act might earn the money they need to attend the real circus. (Last time, it was movie money that motivated the search.) Once again it's Marvin who gets the idea, Milton who scoffs; and once again it's Marvin who comes through with one bold stroke (a whole box full of new free kittens--""They'll be just right for next year"") while Milton doggedly rounds up a huge assortment of strays. Of course there's no surer thing than a repeat of a successful performance as long as it carries a new twist, and this won't disappoint. As the boys (and their readers) prepare for their cat show, the recalcitrant strays break away. But Marvin, undaunted, simply makes new signs--""Pat the Kittens 5¢ Hold the Kittens 15¢ Take a Kitten Home 50¢""--and the two get to the circus after all. Perhaps the best show for Modell's audience will he the double-page sequence showing costumed Marvin and Milton attempting to train a bunch of comically disgruntled cats.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1980
Publisher: Greenwillow