AND PILATE SAID... by Frank Morison
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Lenten fare with trimmings but plenty of sound meat. Delightfully written. The first chapters seem difficult but it is just a question of getting accustomed to the style and method of investigation. Then the big seaplane lifts the reader high over war-torn Europe, Africa and Asia and swoops down in an ancient land to reconstruct the Palestine of Jesus' day. The purpose is to study the mind of the man we blame even in our creeds for what he failed to prevent rather than what he ordered. ""Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried."" Few of us are not guilty of crimes of omission. Mr. Morison puts us into Pilate's place; with him we are torn and pulled by patriotism, duty, personal ambition, career, conscience, Caiaphas and Claudia. We also meet the man Jesus; we question Him in the inner room; we ask ""what is truth"" and we, too, ""find no fault in Him,"" If we did nothing more this Lent than answer honestly the questions ""What would we have done? What do we do today?"" this book could transform our world. Recommend it for study classes, for clergy, for individuals, put it in your circulating libraries. We're enthusiastic about it not only as a super sales possibility but as a spiritual force.

Publisher: Scribner