SEX AMERICAN STYLE by Frank & Nat Lehrman -- Eds. Robinson


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These articles, gleaned from the Playboy Hall of tame, are not nearly as titillating as the title would suggest. Even the lead article ""Revolution Below the Belt"" by John Clellon Holmes, is really a rather dull synopsis of social mores with elaborate emphasis on those sexual dinosaurs, Mailer, Marquis de Sade and the only real contemporary revolutionary, Lenny Bruce. There will be interest in ""The Swingers,"" a report on the Swing-Minglers that seems to have brought our middle class to its knees so to speak. Naturally H. Gurley Brown's advice to our girls in the office is included, some live years out of date. But you can test your S.Q. (Sexual Quotient) if you're willing to answer a lot of reasonably irrelevant questions. R.E.L. Masters reports on the effects of L.S.D. (groovy); there are cartoons (not seen here); but the real and only highlights are letters From two men lengthily imprisoned for immodest sexual acts (even with consenting adults. . . one a wife) and an interview with Mary Calderone, M.D., who is as always a repository of tempered wisdom and contemporary reform. Bill Cosby also contributes a cute piece on his first experience but you get the feeling that Playboys sexual horizons have become a bit flabby with age.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1971
Publisher: Trident-Playboy