NUTRO 29 by Frank Norris


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The projection and extension of an idea (which never takes on the proportions of a novel) this tells of the discovery of a synthetic food pill, Nutro 29, as it ricochets on a bright, modern world. In particular, it is the story of Tom Hightower, who finds the formula, is forthwith kidnapped by two Russian agents whom he escapes, and then is taken well in hand by Barbara who keeps him hidden from the public eye and is herself a very decorative dish. In general, it shows how Nutro 29 undermines industry, labor, business, until- after the national economy has gone to pot- the president exercises certain controls. Short on plot and fairly long on the delivery which entails a lot of peripheral discussion, this- for all its facility- has none of the charm of say. Mr. Adam.

Publisher: Rinehart