E"" COMPANY by Frank O'Bourke


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Cleanout, compact, but without the impersonality of Kersh' Faces in A Dusty Picture, this is a cross section of an infantry company, in training, in action...from its beloved Lt. Dobbs and his fine team of fellow officers, to its enlisted men, good and bad. There's Yates, goldbricker who goes AWOL from time to time; Smith and Reed, hot dice men, MacDonald mess sergeant who cared more for his kitchen than his women, etc. The shaping up of the company through short, hard months of training in Alabama, Florida, etc., maneuvers, the sudden shipping out for the North African landing, the first casualties and letters home -- and finally the decisive action at Kasserine Pass when Company E. proves again the best in the Battalion, its officers and men lost and the Company all but wiped out. A micro of army living and fighting, direct and moving, which does for an American group what Faces in A Dusty Picture does for British.

Pub Date: July 26th, 1945
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Venture Press)