THE LAST ROUND by Frank O'Rourke


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A terse transcript of the prize ring follows Jim Johnson in his dream of finding that one young fighter, and the Kid- who may be his boy- he picks up in a small town in Texas. Confidence and ambition make a promising scrapper of the Kid- and Jim trains him, gets him a girl- not too much of one, and takes him on to bigger and better hook-ups. In the cities the Kid smartens up-but as the fights get more decisive they are also more dangerous, and his first one- with Wardlow- leaves him with a bruised hand and the prescience that he will not make it. Insisting on a return engagement with Wardlow- for which he is not ready the Kid goes on to take him- or quit; defeat sends him back to Texas, the farm and his girl- but it will not stick.... In a noncommittal way, this shows up all the brutalities of this world- makes an effective entertainment for spectators. They will be men.

Publisher: Morrow