SNARE IN THE DARK by Frank Parrish


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Outing #3 for poacher Dan Mallett of England's West Country--who this time is quickly, as usual, on the run. Out for a night of poaching on the estate of Major March, Dan is the sole witness to the crossbow murder of old gamekeeper Edgar Bland by an unseen assailant--and Dan himself is, of course, the immediate prime suspect. So he's off and sleuthing, to clear himself, starting with a visit to a nearby old-folks' home where Bland paid regular visits to an aged chum. And Dan's first theory is that Bland was blackmailing the Major (an adulterer), who therefore killed him. But when Dan tries to cajole the Major into a second murder attempt (during a hunt), his theory collapses. So it's back to the old-folks' home--where he beds a smart black nurse and finds nefarious doings which Bland had dangerously stumbled upon. Not quite as endearing as previous adventures (Dan's sick Mum remains offstage this time); but with tractor-chases, pony-back escapes, and low-key rural charm, it's another agreeable blend of detection, action, and lovable roguery.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1981
ISBN: 0708910076
Publisher: Dodd, Mead