WILD KIDS by Frank R. Donovan


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Kids! I dunno what's wrong with these kids today...Why can't they be like we were, perfect in every way! The Bye-Bye-Birdie lament speaks for every older generation but z-zat so? queries Donovan in this study of countless younger generations from primitive times on up. It all makes for semi-sensational reading as we learn about the sex habits of the South Sea Islanders, the sacral prostitution practiced in Judea and Egypt, Spartan stiffness vs. the Greek's hetaerae, the gory that was Rome, the street urchins of the Middle Ages and a Dickens' England with it's ""cock and hen clubs"" and infamous lodging houses, slavery black and white, the gangs of the roaring '20's, the young tramps of the depression, Hitler's Jung and Jugend, the patriotic delinquents of Norway etc. etc. All that's missing is the Red Guard. It adds up to a refutation of the theory that the '60's child is full of disgrace: today's crimes were yesterday's misdemeanors, exploited by the ""hot news"" reasoning of reporters which constitute a ""witch hunt with today's youngsters as the victims."" Support your local hippie !

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1967
Publisher: Stackpole