CROSS MY HEART by Frank Scully


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Aware that ""chronic l-trouble"" may be the diagnosis in autobiography, Frank Scully nevertheless plunges in and gives the story of a life of inner striving and outer unease. Tripped up by osteomelytis in his late teens, heir to the tuberculosis which killed his sisters, Frank Scully has spent many hours and operations in hospitals and is now a one-leg, one-lung man. While the state of his health led to sedentary occupation, life was never quiet. He recounts early days in journalism when as a Columbia student and Sun reporter he covered Edison's laboratory fire. Cure-seeking travel led West and then to europe, where he worked for Rex Ingram, Variety, ghost wrote Frank Harris' biography of Shaw, Jimmy Walker's story, and married a former ""errand boy""- a lovely Norwegian pike of great spirit. The return of the ""Scully Circus"" to America in 1933, the life in California and involvement with Los Angeles politics is touched on, but Europe gets central billing with its star cast. There is a permeating concern with spiritual values and growth -- Scully is Catholic and has received honors from his faith, his wife was converted from Lutheranism and they carried on their pilgrimage together. Perhaps its greatest appeal lies here.

ISBN: 0548387990
Publisher: Greenberg