OUT OF THE MIDWEST by Frank Siedel


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More Chapters in the Ohio Story"" continues some friendly feature stories on this state in terms of people and incidents, old and current. Archie Willard's picture- the ""Spirit of '76""; the first application of the X-ray; Clarence Darrow's first-or almost first-$5.00 case; the scarlet carnations which started McKinley on his political career; Ed Allen- who used his money to found the National Society for Crippled Children; William Brown, runaway slave, who became a conductor on the Underground Railway; first steps toward fame for Zane Grey, Knute Rockne, Clark Gable, W. C. Fields; steelman Carnahan and mailman Joe Briggs; Rome Beauty apples and a nickel-plated railroad; these and others form a statewide survey in familiar terms and at a definitely popular level.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1953
Publisher: World