THE OHIO STORY by Frank Siedel


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Shuttlewise through history these interpreted, sometimes legendary episodes in Ohio's story offer a colorful panorama of personalities, mostly, and a few incidents. Presuming on a factual background, this displays -- in no modest terms -- the exploits of-sharpshooting Annie Oakley; the origins -- and unique development- of Proctor and Gamble, (proving it's clean); the acclaim of an amateur astronomer; the importance of a canal digger; the part Reverend Basoom played; the fabulous character of Mike Fink; Tytus and his belief in continuous sheet steel and its necessary continuous mill; Lottie Moon and her unbelievable career as a Confederate spy; the Shakers and their part in the establishment of the Poland China porker; Campbell and what he did in the iron business. And there is also the romance of the Indian chief Tecumseh and the unattainable white girl, Rebecca; the unbeatable fortunes of the Swiss, Stotzer; the hoax about Lincoln's presidency; the preeminence of Liederkrantz (now Borden's product); the story of Sherwin Williams paint; Timken and his bearings; Reese and mass production of pottery; a man who built a house for a mule; Rarey and his methods of horse training; the part Michelson and Morley played in the career of the atom bomb. Victoreen in cancer..... A look behind and around Ohio's history, this should appeal to the Readers' Digest (and undigested) audience, but the flash effect, the rose-colored- glasses approach should put this in the pop-pop field.

Publisher: World Publishing