SURGEON, U.S.A. by Frank Slaughter


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Even though Dr. Slaughter doesn't manage to stuff his characters with anything more animate than a taxidermist would, and his dialogue is a resection of cliches, he still has a readership you can palp, perhaps because he tells a sizeable story. This one's about Bruce Graham, a heart surgeon, who volunteers after Pearl Harbor. There are his experiences in army camps here as well as finally, on a hospital ship, during the invasion; there is some tubthumping re war versus peace, since at one point his sponsorship of the first casualty at Pearl Harbor attracts a Washington witchhunt; there is his interest in two young women, one a girl reporter, one the daughter of a prominent Senator, and their interest in a political wheeler-dealer who parlays an incident in which he funks out into a Silver Star; and then of course all kinds of GI- g.p. and surgical procedures.... There's something about a soldier, there's something about a surgeon, for that audience you can lead like a lamb to---.

Publisher: Doubleday