DOCTOR'S DAUGHTERS by Frank Slaughter


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Another Club Medico--and this time the scalpel-and-sponge crew are even chummier than usual: the starring MDs of sterling accomplishment, you see, are the three daughters of arrogant, greedy, brilliant cardiac surgeon Dr. Ted Malone, and they all orbit around his bailiwick--Florida's Biscayne General Hospital. Lynn is a chip off the old block, having worked with dad in main arteries, by-passes, and an artificial (stainless steel) heart; Laurel is on top of tropical diseases; and Lisa is a biggie in new procedures of Clinical Care. But, though united in their disapproval of Dad (who left their mother after she became paralyzed to pursue young women who were not), the girls have their own romantic difficulties. Lynn, divorced from Paul after the accidental death of their child, still loves him. Laurel's got nobody. And Lisa, infatuated with a handsome Latin, is burning the candle at both ends. But all three will, of course, head for happy endings: Laurel teams with nice Dr. Mort, who works at a satellite clinic in the ghetto, when a malaria case leads to some sleuthing into international smuggling and political refugee escapes; Lisa dumps her lover when he's not willing to share oxygen in a deep sea dive (she's rescued by a fine upstanding doctor of Undersea Medicine, who makes spectacular use of the Clinical Care decompression tank); Lynn and Paul will reunite. And it all ends with Doctor Dad (who's just acquired a new wife) expiring over the open heart he's about to replace with stainless steel. (Lynn picks up the torch and completes the plumbing.) With giant chunks of medical lore--plus popular blasts against unnecessary by-pass surgery: an okay dosage for the scrub-up fans who are willing to be led, once again, like lambs to Slaughter.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1981
Publisher: Doubleday