SANGAREE by Frank Slaughter


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Historical-medical-sociological romance of the post-Revolutionary years in planation Georgia in which Dr. Tobias Kent signs an agreement with his benefactor, old Victor Darby, to run his lands for a trial period of two years, in a Company with Darby's son, Roy, his daughter, Nancy, and his overseer, Sam. Kent's return to Savannah is the signal for opposition, on the part of the Tories who resent the profit-sharing scheme, of old Dr. Bristol, who hates Kent's medical superiority, of Nancy, who rebels against her father's expressed wishes. The contest never slackens although Kent saves the life of Dr. Bristol's daughter, proves Nancy's engagement is all wrong, operates to save her life, and runs the Darby estates profitably and well. His suspicions of Nancy's sabotaging the Company, his attempts to evade the pursuit of Roy's wife, the problems of saving Sangaree's exports from piracy, -- these are climaxed with the advent of bubonic plague which necessitates stringent measures on Kent's part and the destruction of his implacable enemy, Dr. Bristol. Utopian ideals, far ahead of their time, and the way they worked, background a fact-packed action story of sword's point love.

Publisher: Doubleday