TOKEFIELD PAPERS: Old and New by Frank Swinnerton


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A new and enlarged edition reviving essays first printed in 1927, this in omitting three of the original printing, replaces them and adds the preface to The World's Classics edition of None, memorials on H. G. Wells and Arnold Bennett and an introduction by the author, now aged sixty five. The twenty five excursions cover a variety of subjects, from tendencies of the human race -- demands for pity, swank, being pleased with one's self, inferiority, giving in to things, respectability, being agreeable -- to the superior attraction of cats, the importance of treats, the reasons for gloom among gardeners, on to being forty, personal and professional opinions on reviewing, dreams for a daughter, and winding up with discussions on gossip, charladies, The Wind In The Willows as perfect bedside reading, heroines, Christmas presents, travel, visitors, and browsing through favorite books. Perspicacious commentary, unpretentious personal history, and a pleasing conversational companion for quiet reading -- this should have an assured sale among his fiction followers as well as in the essay field.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1950
ISBN: 1846647657
Publisher: Doubleday