FAITHFUL COMPANY by Frank Swinnerton


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What a strange and unpleasant book:- situations supplying a background of gloom for characters, most of whom are verging on perverted, abnormal, sadistic ings. Even the normal ones are unhappy, ill-adjusted, at odds with their fates. House was a publishing house, ruled over by two strange men, father and son-Di characters at their most despicable, linked by a surface devotion, dominated by suspicion. Their stories -- the stories of the people who worked for them, who the greater part in terror of their jobs, their daily bred -- and the all-pervading which held London in the early '30's in away, combine to make a full which includes marriages on the rocks, secret passions, hate, revenge, jealousy, with lightening in the of

Pub Date: June 10th, 1948
Publisher: Doubleday