THE FORTUNATE MAN by Frank Tilsley


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His second of seventeen- novels to be published in this country, this repeats the theme and lifedrawn, lifesized handling of Champion Road in another story of a man who discarded honor, affection and integrity in his brutal strife for power. Jim Magnall, who starts as a clerk in London's Covent Garden market, beats and thrashes his way to the top, abandons the women who loved him, only to find himself bankrupt and glad to enlist in the army at the outbreak of World War II. Curiously enough it is his dupe-who does not know that his son is actually Jim's- who desires nothing more than a motor bike and his own home and turns out to be the ""fortunate man""..... Again a book which takes its belligerent vitality from its central character, the muscle tone is firmer than the morality.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1953
Publisher: Messner