BONUS PITCHER by Frank Waldman
Kirkus Star


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A grand-slam sports novel with an intelligent approach and a pepper of sports ""insides"" unusual in the majority of sports novels. Roy Turner, young bonus pitcher, beginning a career with the Red Box system, is a thoroughly nice young man and a hard worker with no psychological quiks or tragic past. His struggle to break the jinx of never being able to finish a game is a hard one, but sound training, courage and work do the trick. The glory road -- to the Red Box, a critical series against the Yankees, and the World Series -- is a glittering one and should intrigue the sports fan. Although the Red Box players are disguised by fictitious names, the shop talk, the parks and opposing players sound like the real thing. By the author of Giant Quarterback who is also a sports writer. Clever illustrations by Robert Candy double for the familiar type of sports page cartoon.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin