BOOK OF THE HOPI by Frank Waters


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The tenets of this book are as sacred to the Hopis as the Judaic-Christian Bible is to other peoples."" This indicates the significance of a volume in which, over a period of three years, thirty elders of the Hopi speak of the Hopi way--and tell at last the story of the Hopi creation, emergences from previous worlds, migrations over the continent, and the meaning of their ceremonies. Myth gives way to legend and legend to history as the tale of the Hopi is told. It is a tale incorporating a world view of rich religious symbolism and a faith so strong that it has shaped Hopi reactions to outer forces from the coming of Cortez through dealings with the Navajo, then the United States Government to the present day. The Book of the Hopi reveals the source of the Hopi's spiritual strength as clearly as it records their heartbreaking decimation. It stands as a unique expression of the lore of a people collected at a critical moment of its history. Invaluable source material for anthropologists, this is also an effective plea for a respectful approach to current handling of Hopi problems.

Pub Date: Dec. 2nd, 1963
Publisher: Viking