MARX MEETS CHRIST by Frank Wilson Price
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Dr. Price, a Christian missionary in China for many years, found himself an inside observer when the Communist regime was established on the Chinese mainland in 1949. He was able, at close range, to watch the confrontation between Marxian Communism and the Christian community. The struggle that ensued, the conflicts and compromises, the meeting of two thought systems, and beliefs, are all reflected in this timely, thoughtful and attention-compelling book. It is arranged in four sections, ""Two Persons Meet"", in which Christ and Marx are compared in their similarities and differences; ""Two Ideas Meet"",- he makes readily available the intellectual and philosophical grounds of the teachings of both leaders; ""Two Systems Meet""- contrasts the church with organized communism, fairly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of both as revealed in history; and ""Two Faiths Meet"", in which he makes it clear that a half-hearted Christianity can scarcely be an adequate match for communist devotion to a less worthy cause. ""What is not a valid creed for us"", he writes, ""may yet prove to be a corrective for our creed, reminding us of neglected emphasis and underlining forgotten spiritual truths"". This is a must book for all clergy and laity who take the contemporary struggle seriously- and even more for those who don't.

Publisher: Westminster