NEIMAN-MARCUS, TEXAS! by Frank X. Tolbert


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The story of Dallas' fashion-wise emporium, from its start in 1907 to its acclaim today, is profiled here in all its elegance, community significance and individual enterprise. As a business and as a plant the methods and means by which the Nieman and Marcus families impressed its name on Texas -- and quite a bit of the rest of the world -- show a recognition of the value of exclusiveness, prestige and the rewards for catering to a free and big spending area. The parts that the merchandising, personnel, credit, publicity, display, and other departments have played in the store's success receive full notice. The Neiman-Marcus advertising, customers, inventive and unexpected salesmanship, the stress on new, different and striking merchandise and storekeeping add color to the story, in which wealthy oil strikes also meant much. As a commercial record, this is more bizarre than that of Marshall Field and the adulatory tone throughout overshadows the interesting material. But there's no doubt about local interest here.

Publisher: Holt