THE GOLDEN HAWK by Frank Yerby


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Grand entertainment in a picaresque novel of the days of buccaneers and pirates, when the shifting allegiance of Spain made it difficult to know on what side the free-booters were fighting. The time is the late 17th century; the place the waters of the Caribbean, the islands now French, now Spanish, now English. Adventure -- romance -- the scarlet thread of revenge weaving it into a whole, the central character a nameless master of the Seaflower, beloved of many women, but desiring only one, Reuge, mysterious woman pirate driven by her hate of men. There's a bit of history; there's something of the flavor of C.S. Forester in his early Hornblower yarns (not perhaps the depth, the substance, but pace and color and vigor of writing). Lusty, yes, but not as lascivious as The Vixens, sex here is simply a recognized factor in the life of these free men of the sea to whom a woman was part of the legitimate booty, and who were untamed when let loose in ports after months at sea. The tremendous popularity of the earlier books will throw the market wide open for this; extensive advertising, circulars, posters, giant books justify the trade in plunging.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1948
Publisher: Dial Press