PRIDE'S CASTLE by Frank Yerby


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With three best selling historical romances behind it, Pride's Castle's success is a foregone conclusion. And that despite the fact that Yerby has deserted the broad sweep and colorful panoramic values of his style of historical novel for a period romance in which the background is of slight value --and the emphasis is on the tempo of the robber barons of American finance and business. Not as glamorous a tale, but in the character of Pride Dawson, Yerby has drawn a convincing portrait of a man to whom the goal of financial success and power is virtually all. To it he sacrifices the one woman he truly loves, marries millions in the form of a beautiful girl who worships him, and closes his eyes to the peril of humans in his mines and workshops, the security of the little man, and the fate of the masses. His punishment is slow to come- but at the end he loses all, even the daughter who seemed the one perfect thing in life. A lusty story, but not so bawdy as its predecessors. Colliers serial.

Pub Date: May 3rd, 1949
Publisher: Dial Press