JIM KONSTANTY by Frank Yeutter


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Fourth in the publisher's Most Valuable -- one inaugurated with last year's bang-up biography of Brooklyn's Jackie Robinson. The standard has not been up to par in the subsequent Williams and Rizzuto volumes. This, too, devotes a bit too much space to the pitch-by-pitch rehash of the relief hurler's record 74 mound appearances during the 1950 season, a chore that virtually won the Phillies their first pennant in 35 years single-handedly. There is a brief recount of Konstanty'searly years as an orphan, his struggle through college and the many years he spent toiling in the minor leagues, as well as a chapter on his undertaker pal who helped him develop his ""nothing"" ball, but little of it rises above the level of the stuff forked out to fans in the sports pages of the daily paper. Sales will be confined to baseball fans with the heaviest inevitably recorded around Philadelphia.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1951
Publisher: A. S. Barnes